Copy of CD Sails 35kg - 42 kg (2023)

    Copy of CD Sails 35kg - 42 kg (2023)

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    Medium depth sail with well-equilibrated curves - great all-around sail for sailors with a weight between   35-40 kg.  One of the most popular sails in our range as it assures great performance for both  - cadets and juniors!

    Perfection of Details

    Every aspect of the sail is studied to achieve maximum performance in all the sailing conditions according to the suggested weight of the sailor. There are no compromises - every smallest detail is designed and elaborated to achieve the premium quality sail, even if it increases the production time and costs. 


    The highest quality fabrics - the 2.99 polykote Dacron from Contender, ensure the best technical characteristics and the most durable sailcloth in the Optimist class.

    Winning Features

    The geometry of the sail is developed to ensure maximum performance in all wind conditions.

    The shape and surface of the sail in combination with the position of the battens ensure that the sail is easy to trim, especially at the top part of the sail. THE LENGTH and stiffness of battens are adapted to match perfectly the designed shape of the sail.

    The tabling is precisely elaborated and adapted for various edges of the sail to maximize the performance.

    The cross-cut (horizontal) positioning of the panels has won the most races in the past 20 years. This panelling approach was started by Claudio Demartis in Olimpic     Sails already in 1986. Since then it has become one of the best-performing solutions used for the most successful sails all over the world.

    Extra Power

    Our sail design is developed to reach the maximum possible dimensions according to the International Optimist Dinghy Association (IODA) class rules. Every sail is constantly measured and controlled during the production process.


    Chosen by European Optimist Championship 2022 Vice-champion/ Orange bowl winner 2024

    Your complete Optimist Sail includes:
    • Sail
    • Window
    • Battens
    • IODA Optimist Sail Label
    • Optimist Class Logo (Dark Grey)
    • Sailbag
    • Tell Tales
    • Class Measurement / Certificate
    • Sail Number 
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